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1 Grow Tent With 2 Separate Grow Areas


At last!... Someone in Secret Garden's design department has started to use their brain a bit more. The brand is also known with the french title of Secret Jardin (as it says on the box and on their website), but here in the UK we know the brand as Secret Garden.

The new grow tent formats released last year are definitely an imrovement on what was already a pretty good grow tent range. The one in particular that catches the eye, is the Secret Garden Dark Room Twin 120 Grow Tent - DRT120. Whether it's hydroponics, aeroponics or soil, these grow tents work amazingly well!

This is a first in the grow tent market. The DRT120 has got two grow chambers; one on top of another. The smaller upper chamber is approximately 65cm in height and sits on top of a larger lower chamber measuring approximately 150cm in height. The smaller chamber, with a separate 18 - 20 hour light cycle can be used for propagation purposes and vegetative growth, while the larger lower chamber, with a 10 to 14 hour light cycle can be used specifically for flowering.

When Go Grow Hydroponics tested out the Secret Garden DRT120, the lighting system used for the small chamber was a Powerplant Propagate lighting unit with 2 x 55 watt CFL bulbs. We also tried it with a single 250 watt CFL bulb, but the cuttings and seedlings grew too quickly and were ready for transfer way too early.
The 2 x 55 watt bulbs worked perfectly, time-wise.
Other items used in the smaller chamber are a Stewart Electric Propagator and a 6 inch Clip Fan.

The larger lower chamber was equiped with a 600 watt Compact Ballast + 6 inch Cool Shade Air-Cooled Reflector + Sunmaster HPS Dual Spectrum Bulb. The Prima Klima 5 inch Extraction Fan was used to pull the air out directly through the Cool Shade tube reflector (with ducting). Another 6 inch clip fan was used for the larger chamber.
For the actual grow system, a standard GT424 Hydroponics NFT Grow Tank was used, with 4 inch Rockwool Cubes. A firm favourite for most hydroponics gardeners.


Results were good, but in the second grow we added another fan to pull fresh air into the flowering lower chamber to help lower temperatures a little bit more. The results from the second grow were not just good, they were fantastic!

From a space saving angle there is no comparison, the DRT120 is the only tent on the market that enables growers to run both flowering and vegetative environments in a neat little space. Complete measurements for both chambers together are 120cm width x 120cm length x 215cm height.

A full range of Secret Garden Grow Tents are available online at www.gogrowhydroponics.co.uk, or from the hydroponics shop in London's Edgware.
Unit 1 mill yard Industrial Estate, Columbia Avenue, London HA8 5EF