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A Single Relay Contactor For Lights, Fans, Heater And More...


Finally, A contactor with an intelligent design!

Introducing the Green Power 5 Way Relay Contactor with Grasslin Timer.


This is possibly the best relay contactor available for a 2 light system.  This particular Green Power model caters perfectly for a hydroponics grow room running 2 x 600 or 2 x 400 watt lights.

But what makes this relay contactor one of the best?

In addition to the 2 timed plug sockets for your 2 lights, there are an extra 3 plug sockets on the unit designed for different functions. Plug sockets 1 and 2 are timed and used for lights. Socket 3 is a normal plug socket that is not affected by the timer. Socket 4 is designed for an extraction fan and switches on and off together with the lights (perfect for air cooled lights). Socket 5 switches on when the lights switch off, which is great for a heater appliance to maintain grow room temps during those freezing winter months.

  1. Light 1
  2. Light 2
  3. Auxillary (Non Timed)
  4. Fan
  5. Heater

It is a perfect match for 2.4 x 1.2 metre grow tents or any other hydroponics grow room running a maximum of 2 lights. They are currently in stock and available at Green Power 5 way relay contactor