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​ Too hot to Grow?

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Every year UK indoor gardeners are hit by adverse heat conditions especially during our great unpredictable British summers.

If it’s not pouring outside from one day to the next, then all of a sudden it may resemble the dry heat of the Sahara, and even some hot and tropically sticky!

Well with all this going on outdoors, most hydroponic or indoor growers experience countless problems throughout this time of year. Most common is heat stress, or stretching, and in most cases poor yields at harvest but ultimately the quality in their overall product reduces.

Due to the extra heat outside of your grow room, then your fans are sucking in that hot air into an already hot room, which equals poor growing conditions.

Now considering whether you’re a day cycle runner or evening runner (Times that your grow room lights go on, day/night) matters considerably. In my experience evening running is much better as the night air is cooler.

But despite the obvious, some growers need to, or have to run their lights on during the day.Well rest assure as I may have found my everyman answer:

Introducing The SMSCOM SwitchBox All-In-One

SMSCOM Switchbox is a complete control unit for lights, heater and 2 ventilators.

Depending on the model you can control 2 or 4 lights of a maximum of 600Watts each with the Switchbox.

The added Digital Fan Controller makes it possible to control 2 ventilators of max 1200Watts collective.

The TempProtector must be set by you, to the maximum temperature you desire. Then the room can reach the set temp before lights will start to be switched off.

Now this is the best selling point and the key feature to the switchbox! So if the temperature of your room exceeds the Max temperature you set, then the TempProtector will shut down one lamp at a time, one by one until the temperature drops beneath the set temp. Because of the built in safety timer, the lamps will stay off 30 minutes before they are re-ignited. This protection prevents the lamps from igniting whilst they are still too hot. No matter what the temperature is, one lamp as a minimum will always stays on.

In my opinion The TempProtector feature for having light control is what makes this product stand out, and the Delayed-Start-up makes it possible to switch on the lights one at the time so you never have a peak voltage on ignition.

The operation of the SMSCOM Switchbox is analogue but the control is digital which offers many advantages over controllers without software control.

So if you would like to continue growing throughout the summer then invest in one of these devices and you will save yourself a lot of worry...