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So you’re about to harvest all your hard work, and are weeks away from finishing. Then all of a sudden within a short space of time, your plants can be infested with this ugly looking mould.

Bud or flower rot is commonly known as botrytis bunch rot; in horticulture, it is usually called grey mould or gray mold. Now if you’ve ever experienced this kind of attack, you will know how devastating it can be, and if untreated or not spotted it can certainly infect your entire crop making it inedible.

The main attractions for botrytis fungal spores are usually in very high humidity levels. Botrytis occurs if your grow area has a poor air environment, as air circulation is fundamental in regards to botrytis and important in keeping it away. If you have very high humidity levels and poor air flow, then you may as well get the red carpet out for them, as you are literally inviting them in. Also any moisture left during a foliar feed can be the beginning of botrytis, hence the importance of air flow and aerating extremely well after any foliar usage.

Don’t misunderstand, even conventional outdoor growers can suffer from botrytis, for example if the morning dew is left embedded within your flowers crevices and the wind doesn’t blow too much that day, then you too may suffer.

So if your grow environment is not the cause of the problem but somehow you have been attacked and your plants are suffering, don’t worry as there is an answer at hand.

A biological cocktail of beneficial bacteria exclusively produced for exactly this type of attack at the latter flowering stage. The bacteria fighting the botyrtis  is called bacillus subtilis. But for this bacteria to take hold effectively, please remember they will need some time to do its job. So ONLY use Bud Rot Stop when lights are OFF or sunset if outdoors. Basically the Bud Rot Stop will need 4 hours to do its job properly. But also remember to fully dry your flowers off after the four hours, so as to dry up any excess moisture left behind.

So to sum up, Bud Rot Stop, available from Go Grow Hydroponics in London is specifically formulated for the use on plants during their flowering stage as a foliar spray.

Bud Rot Stop is not a reversal spray, but what it will do, is stop the fungal attack from spreading, and helps you in containing it.

Being a 100% natural product also, certainly gives me peace of mind too.