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Can Mushrooms help my plants Grow?

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Have you ever wondered how a forest feeds itself? Or why the foliage at one end of a lake is just as green as the furthest part from any water stream, river or lake? This had intrigued me, and when it was discovered that not only roots grew deep down in the earth’s crust, but what we had mistaken for many many years as roots were in fact something completely different.

We’re talking about Fungi! (that’s mushrooms to some people!) No not your conventional button mushroom or toadstool, no not at all, but specifically a type of fungi named Mycorrhizae. In fact Mycorrhizae was overlooked or unnoticed for so long because it so closely resembles roots, as shown in the images below.

Mycorrhizae will exceed your expectations when it comes to your plants health and life cycle, and your growing potential will expand into the most lush and vibrant root zone imaginable. Healthy white roots usually always equal, big and tasty fruits.

My colleague advised me to watch a video called “Paul Stamets: 6 ways mushrooms can save the world”. I did, and it has converted the way in which I grow myself and how I advise other gardeners.

Once you see for yourself the transformations in your plants vigor, you will always use it.

Beneficial microbes, bacteria’s, and mycorrhizal fungi is definitely the way forward. There are a few really good products on the market at the moment and these are the ones we really like to name: Great White, Orca, Jellyfish, Mykos, Azos, Voodoo Juice, Benefox.

They are all good products and we stock too many more to mention but you're more than welcome to come in and talk to us in person or give us a call. We will advise you on the best mycorrhizae products to use, whether you use hydroponics, soil, or coco gardens.

While we’re on the topic of mushrooms, a further tip from us is: organic mushroom mulch is a great addition to any garden. This acts as a great surface layer fertiliser. So not only do mushroom spores help from the bottom, they also help from above too.

Now hopefully after reading this and watching the video you will be inspired to join in this fungal revolution! Viva Mycorrhizae...