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Do CO2 bags really work for your indoor garden?

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I believe there is a stigma with Co2 tank users, with their masses of tubing, wiring and of course those big arse tanks. In addition, when refilling the tanks the transporting of this equipment is indeed a job in itself. Lastly there are even the safety issues to consider.

So some of you may mention Co2 tabs at this point, but I’m specifically looking to increase Co2 intake via foliar, as this is how it occurs in nature and if it’s good enough for her then it’s good enough for my grow area.

Well my friends there is now an amazing product that can actually be less expensive, easier, safer and a more harmonious way to provide your plants with Co2. I present the Exhale Co2 bag. Made with mycelium, I was surprised that there was another use for this incredible organism, you see I am an avid fan and user of mycelium, (Check out my ‘Great White’ article) so when I found out that these bags contained mycelium, it had my attention. It turns out that there are different types of mycelium (root resembling fungi/ mushroom) and this one in particular it creates Co2 production. Mycelia-based Co2 production is relatively a new way to introduce Co2. You see mushrooms are more like humans, actually more than you could imagine but they exhale Co2, and a non-fruiting strain of mycelium has been discovered that continues to generate Co2 at least for six months....

So how does it work? Unbelievably the heat and light within your grow area is enough to make those bad boy fun guys (fun-ghi) to get to work. The heat and light will activate the mycelium in the bag and begin to expand and swell, producing gases within and emitting a slow but constant shower of Co2 onto your plants. Some worry that their environment set up within their grow room will be too strong and will simply suck out all that good Co2 before it even reaches their plants. Well it’s a fact that carbon dioxide is heavier than air, if you have an understanding of this then it’s quite simple, hang your bag away from any direct intake/outtake fan or even floor/clip fans. This is why you can pour a mass of CO2 like you pour water, before it blends fully with air, it sinks in air. So be creative!!!


Ok now for the technical bit, first you need to understand photosynthesis, the name photosynthesis, originates from the Greek words, phōs, "light", and, synthesis, "putting together".Photosynthesis is a process used by plants to convert light energy, normally from the sun, into chemical energy.This chemical energy is stored in carbohydrate molecules, such as sugars, which are synthesized from

Carbon dioxide and water that is later released to fuel the organisms' activities, (in our case for our plants growth). Oxygen is released as a waste product.


So let’s look at it this way, our plants rely on carbohydrates for fuel and the sun (for us our light bulb) combined with CO2 enables them to process this energy easily and visibly quicker by just placing a bag in one corner of your grow room as a test you will see for yourself. Plants growing indoors in grow rooms or tents are under artificial light, which often lack enough CO2 to efficiently photosynthesise. When plants are able to get the most out of the process of photosynthesis, there is a definite increase in plant growth, health and the end result is larger plants with larger yields!!

Now if none of what I have said has convinced you so far regarding the Exhale Co2 bags, I do have a couple more things about it to tell you, firstly Glen Babcock the man himself behind the amazing innovation and is also the owner of Garden City Fungi and the founder of Exhale Homegrown CO2. Mr Babcock has been involved in Agriculture his whole life beginning with his father, who was actually in the line of seed breeding; Glen graduated from the University of Montana with a degree in Forestry, a mycologist for well over 20 years. His research has been published in scientific journals around the globe. Secondly I am led to believe that setting up your grow area with Co2 tanks or propane burners are said to be shall we say a lot more sophisticated looking than just hanging a bag above your girls! Think about it...

Amazingly at very high concentrations (100 times atmospheric concentration, or greater), carbon dioxide can be toxic to animal life, so raising the concentration to 10,000 ppm (1%) or higher for several hours will eliminate pests such as whiteflies and spider mites in a greenhouse environment. WOW!

PLEASE NOTE: To ascertain the amount of CO2 to be able to acquire 10,000 ppm for several hours is firstly not only harmful to spider mites and other pests but also to us, not to mention the amount of Exhale bags you’d need to buy to get to this level, it would probably fill the entire grow space anyway, but if you were to try this, you will more than likely need to get hold of a industrial CO2 distributer which defies the whole concept of cost, but hey it’s still a great fact to know!

As a grower, you only know too well the time energy and effort you spend working on your indoor garden can be so exhausting. But by simply adding CO2 is not only a good idea, but is essential if you want to have the most productive grow room/grow tent possible! Of course natural CO2 production, in particular, is a good choice in this day and age. The ease of use and the reduced effect on the environment make the Exhale CO2 bag not only the green choice but also your plants choice. Usually £40 per bag, currently we are offering these bags @ £36 for an introductory promotion!!