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Great White Premium Mycorrhizae Vs Mykos Mycorrhizal Innoculant

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Great White Premium Mycorrhizae Vs Mykos Mycorrhizal Innoculant


These two great products; Great White manufactured by Plant Success and Mykos manufactured by Xtreme Gardening are both Mycorrhizae/fungal products.

So we are regularly questioned, “Which of the two is actually the better?” While the Great White boasts both Endo and Ecto Mycorrhizae, in fact up to 15 different types. Also incorporated within the Great White are 11 species of Beneficial Bacteria and 2 types of Trichoderma.

Now Plant success also goes on to add this statement: Research shows that this powerful formula will ignite plant and root growth giving plants the tools they need to maximize yields. Great White's concentrated formula ensures optimum colonization of root systems by the fungi.

Mykos on the other hand is different to Great White by the fact it only has 1 single spore species and Xtreme Gardening are confident enough to state: Unleash the power of your soil with Mykos natural root promoter. Mycorrhizae have been shown to increase the availability of nutrients and moisture required for plant growth, while improving soil structure. Mykos provides a biological connection between roots and nutrients present in the soil. Mykos has been used to break the last 7 World-Records for plant growth, including a 2,000 lb. pumpkin in 2012!

No wonder people get so confused with which one to buy...

Mykos comes with two certified Organic logos on its pack, OMRI and CDFA. Great White whereas has no organic certificate, even though it is actually organic.The extra added bonus of the Great White; is the convenience of it being 100% water soluble. This really helps if you have missed your chance to inoculate when transplanting by dusting the roots. You can simply add it to your watering schedule or reservoir.

So if I were to choose a Mycorrhizal product, I believe the best solution and most fruitful is actually using BOTH of them. Yes BOTH Great White & Mykos, when used and mixed together actually gave me the healthiest and more productive harvest out of the three tests runs... See for yourself by doing the three test runs yourself as the difference is very clear!

You’ll see... Huge white roots with an abundance of fine feeder roots branching off EVERYWHERE!! You receive for your purchase supreme plant health and vigorous growth.

Keep Gardening!

Please check out our product range for Plant Success (Great White) and Xtreme Gardening (Mykos).