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Grow organic veg without a garden!

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Grow organic veg without a garden

Do you want to grow organic fruits & vegetables in your own home, but have no outdoor space? More and more consumers all over the world are demanding their foods to be sourced organically and locally, with this trend only on the rise. So why not achieve both and grow at home with an indoor garden set up. It is not as difficult or costly as you might think.

Organic growth can be accomplished by only using the finest natural and organic nutrients and additives. These essential ingredients make it possible to grow completely organic produce indoors. As for lighting requirements, there are solutions for the lack of natural sunlight.

Some indoor growers have their gardens' set up so uniquely that they actually use real sunlight, by having a glass roof or a specific sky light installed. This is a similar concept to an outdoor greenhouse but actually inside.This is quite pricey to set up but well worth the hard work as the sun gives off an array of benefits to plants and crops. For example, the presence of UV light naturally prevents many fungal problems you might encounter when growing indoors. An alternative to this would be the use of artificial grow-lights.

Grow-lights come in many shapes and sizes. These include HID, CFL (fluorescent) and LEDs as the most popular. Together with automatic timers, all of these light systems can be used effectively in your indoor garden.

Indoor gardening is what we specialise in, so if you’re interested but have no garden, no allotment, and no idea where to start, then we can help. All you need to start is a lighting kit, some fans, soil and nutrients.

Our expert and friendly team can advise you on exactly the equipment you need to get started, whatever the size of your garden.

I tell many newcomers to the indoor gardening world that growing indoor means you’re actually playing Mother Nature. You are providing all the elements plants need to flourish; air, light, water & food.Your plants will thrive and your lives will be enriched from, hours of wondrous discovery and knowledge, whilst most importantly, feeding your loved ones true organic beautifully tasting fruits, vegetables and herbs.And they will taste like they are meant to. Now tell me which supermarket in the world caters for that!?