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Grow Systems

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By breaking a procedure down into its component parts, it is often possible to create a more efficient and controllable process. This is the basic philosophy behind hydroponics. Removing growing plants from their traditional environment – the soil – and bringing them into the controlled environment of a hydroponic laboratory allow the same growth results to be achieved with minimum wastage of water and nutrients, and all in a limited amount of space. In other words, the practice of hydroponics has brought a convenience to plant production which has in turn allowed practitioners to achieve greater efficiency and superior quality.

Now, hydroponics has reached a new level of convenience with the introduction of complete grow systems here in the UK. Grow systems are complete kits which allow hobbyists and professionals to purchase a complete hydro grow system including all the necessary components for them to get growing right away. Each kit can be operated as a stand-alone grow system, combined with components from other systems, or added to by purchasing further equipment from Go Grow Hydroponics.

The UK has made contributions to hydroponic techniques and equipment, most notably Allen Cooper’s promotion of the nutrient film technique. This technique is especially suitable for the production of leafy vegetables, and is widely used by home hobbyists. The recirculation of the nutrient solution means the crop always has a surplus of water and can draw as much as it needs. As demand for quality hydroponic equipment grew in the UK in general and Middlesex and North London in particular, it became clear that a local specialist was needed to supply the necessary apparatus and provide reliable advice to amateurs and professionals alike. Go Grow Hydroponics stepped into the gap, and as a result we are now the go-to hydroponics suppliers for the whole region. Come and visit our showroom, where we have lighting systems, grow tents, nutrients, grow mediums and dedicated grow systems on display.

Many customers ring us for advice with their UK hydroponic systems. What size of water tank should they use? What is the best heater for a particular crop? Can they use this with that, or that with the other? While it is quite possible to cobble together a grow system from whatever components you may have available and achieve some kind of results, such a practice isn’t really in the spirit of the activity. After all, why go to all that trouble if you only manage to produce the same results as you would if you buried some seeds in the ground? Our UK hydro grow systems take the guesswork out of matching the components for your grow systems. By purchasing a complete system from Go Grow Hydroponics, you can be sure that everything will work together and that you will be able to provide optimum growing conditions for your crops.

Should you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll do our best to answer your questions and find the equipment you need.