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Help yourself achieve a pest free indoor hydroponic grow room

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Cleanliness is said to be close to Godliness, I believe cleanliness is closer to Oh My Goodness, especially when producing crops indoors. You will say the same when you identify the difference in your plants health and their yields from having a pest free environment. Your tomatoes will surely become OMG Tomatoes!

We all want to grow and achieve the healthiest plants, fruits and vegetables possible, to the highest of standards in its quality and taste. Some of us are natural gardeners and some of us are not, but if you remember to always concentrate on your grow area’s (room/tents) environment and look to spend your time and money on this major factor, as it contributes nearly 90% of your success rate for indoor growing whether it be hydroponically or organically. Then and only then will you begin to get real results indoors.

So if you have done this and expect it all to work effortlessly, and then please remember that at any moment you can be invaded, infested and in some cases totally destroyed. What by?

Well like outdoor gardens we too are susceptible to pests, pathogens, fungal spores, mites, flies and many types of insects. Some are harmless, and some may even help, but the majority are not good for your plants and are looking to conquer them!

My number one rule of thumb is something to remember, and grow by, prevention is better than cure! So before setting up your garden, a few things to take into consideration, does your room have carpet? Does the room have plenty of wood furnishings, or is it exposed to untreated timber? May sound a little over the top, but did you know that carpets are a breeding ground for all types of mites and creepy crawlies, most not visible until they are under the microscope. Also exposed wood can be a perfect place for some types of predators to just lay dormant and wait until there is vegetation to feed from. Another good thing to do after you have finished cleaning is to release a smoke bomb in your room. This insecticidal smoke helps you to get into all the nooks and crannies you may have missed.

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, pests sneak inside. While most infestations are easy to control with early detection, and even having a microscope close by to investigate with is not being over the top. The key to a sterile and clean environment is to sustain clean growing equipment and checking plants for disease and pests before bringing them into your grow room.

If dealing with both indoor and outdoor gardening, don’t do work outside then inside, start with your indoor gardening then your outdoor to prevent bringing outside problems inside. Hand washing is something you need to do on a regular basis when dealing with your grow room. Doing so before you enter the room and after you’ve had dealing with diseased or even dead plants and matter. Get rid of anything dead or dying. Discard of any dead or dying leaves, plants and other matter. Harmful pests, diseases and even mould or fungus love to et their hands on decaying material. Remember not to let your grow room get too hot and humid either. This reduces the risk of the nasty pests and diseases making a home within your grow room. A simple way to do this is keep the air flowing. Ventilating your grow room using fans and an extractor fan, not only cools the grow room but breezing air makes it even harder for fungi and mould spores to make your grow room their home. A good tip for your intake fan is to cover the source with a pair of tights. See picture below.

For those of you not wanting to invade your girlfriend’s tights and stockings drawer, there are of course intake filters, which prevent against powdery mildew, bad bacteria, spider mites and many other pests. It’s a good innovation for the experienced grower, but the stockings do work if you’re a little strapped for cash.

Also a common problem is when we give our plants too much water. Over watered crops and instruments welcome the growth of algae, mould, and other harmful pathogens that could kill your plants. There are now also water timers available if you do suffer from this, this device leaves you no excuse anymore. Lastly For those of you who do smoke, it is also wise not to smoke or use your hands after smoking without cleaning them when working with your indoor growing crops. If you do, WASH YOUR HANDS!

When you have harvested your plants don’t forget to disinfect your grow room before starting another growth. Get yourself accustomed to these types of rule of thumb, so as not to help predators and pests invade easily, in fact your aim is to make your indoor garden, not attractive at all to them. It may all sound a bit of hard work and effort but you will reap the benefits of a pest free environment.

Easy checklist to follow:

1. Choose your room wisely and carefully.

2. Clean your room thoroughly.

3. Keep your room clean.

4. Keep yourself and clothes clean. 

5. Wash your hands regularly.

6. Keep outside and inside gardening separate.

7. Keep room clear off all debris and maintain cleanliness.

8. Invest in quality environment equipment.

9. No pets allowed.

10. No smoking.