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The OG rapid flower plus hardener, is literally the ’new ‘bottle on the shelves of any discerning hydroponic/grow shop. Many sales reps, wholesalers and manufacturers, contact us as soon as a new product comes onto the market.

With all new products, there comes a certain amount of advertising and pitching, which we call noise. We call it noise until we can actually verify its decibels. What I mean is, ‘we never believe the hype’. What we do believe in is facts and testing.

So after having conducted tests and also receiving a lot of positive feedback we are happy to state this does exactly as it says it does...

There are many early flower enhancers out there on the market and most of them do a decent enough job. But I do believe nothing compares to the OG performance rates. It works so well in fact that after using OG in your plants at start of the second week of flowering (day 8). This is the optimum time. You will visibly see that at the end of your third week of flowering, your flowers will resemble those that look like they are actually in their fifth week of flowering.

Honestly, you will be amazed with the transformation and speed of its rapid onset of flowering. Personally I think I’ve actually worked out what OG stands for... “Oh God” as this is what I believe you will find yourselves saying after seeing the results for yourself.

What I will add to this article is that Rock Resinator works extremely well with OG as both are especially designed for plants flowering phase.

Lastly OG works well in hydroponic, re-circulating and run to waste systems, suitable for all media: rock wool, soil, and even coco. And simply set your PH to 6.0 for optimum results, using it at 1-2ml per litre.