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Plastic pots or Cloth pots?

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In recent times, indoor gardeners have found new and innovative ways to create natural processes that occur in nature, but to recreate these processes indoors. So much so that they have now found a unique kind of plant pot for indoor and outdoor usage.
The Egyptians are said to be among the first people to use plant pots. Plant pots have a number of uses, from transporting plants to new locations, starting seeds and indoor cultivation of plants. The Romans brought potted plants inside during cold weather thanks to the plant pot.
Stone and clay pots made from terracotta were the containers of choice for many years. Over time plastic plant pots became a less expensive, and more convenient way of plant pot gardening. Plastic plant pots being so cheap slowly overtook all the other plant pots, and its highlight apart from the price was down to better media drainage due to the plastic pots having drainage holes at the base of the pots whereas the old fashioned terracotta pots did not accommodate for such drainage holes.
But even though plants do grow well in plant pots with good media aeration, eventually the plants roots reach the edges of the pot. With nowhere else left to grow, the roots begin spiraling around the pot, in due course the roots end up strangling themselves.

Roots strangling themselves.

Now there is a new contender on the market and we feel that this innovation is like what the plastic plant pot was to the Terracotta pot. Cloth pots have been around now for a few years and are slowly taking over from the more traditional pots. Cloth pots have the same advantages of any other pot but the main reason people are switching to cloth pots is because the roots will not be able to spiral inside or strangle and suffocate its own root system. The holes in the cloth give the root zone a prime ratio of air and water. Cloth pots are also responsible for developing a healthier root system within the pot.
In standard pots, your plants roots travel downwards and outwards. Unfortunately when they reach the side or bottom of the pot, they begin to spiral around the pot, hunting for space to grow into. Sometimes the roots grow so dynamically that they could end up spiraling and twisting itself to the state of suffocation.
Cloth pots help to solve this problem completely. In a Cloth pot, your plant roots also travel in the same down and outward direction, but when the roots reach the edge of the pot, rather than spiraling around the inside, they grow into the fabric and become exposed to the outside air. Now because the humidity of the outside air is lower than the humidity inside the pot, root tips will dry out and prune themselves. At each site where a root has reached the edge of a fabric pot, smaller roots called lateral roots or feeder roots are formed behind that shriveled tips within the pot. This extremely increases the root mass within the pot, all the way through and with it increased water and nutrient uptake is achieved.
There have been many scientific tests that have proven the increased performance of plants and their roots in fabric pots compared to standard plastic or clay pots. Check out the Root pouch cloth pots, economical and reusable.

Colorado State University provide photographic evidence of one such a test.

To summarise, there is nothing wrong with using clay, stone or even plastic pots for your plants. But if you are looking for the next best thing then here it is, Cloth pots win hands down. Available in degradable and non degradable pots from Root Pouch, another manufacturer is Plant!t and their Dirt Pot. The Dirt pot offers one extra feature, of having a bamboo or plant support tags stitched at each corner of the pot alleviating the need to thrust anything into your soil and thus not hurting damaging or breaking of any roots whilst doing so.
So if you don’t want your plants committing hara-kiri or literally strangling themselves and understand the full benefits of having a vibrant and healthy root zone capable of achieving a greater nutrient uptake, then really the choice is clear, you have to step into the Cloth Pot world, welcome to the 21st century.

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