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CFL Lighting

CFL Grow Lights

CFL lights are now available in 250 watt versions. CFL plant lights have come a long way since the days of 100 watt models. They now perform amazingly well during both vegetative and flowering periods.
CFL lights radiate very little heat, which makes them the perfect choice for temperature sensitive indoor gardens and grow tents.

250 watt COOL CFL's emit light specifically for vegetative growth, while 250 watt WARM CFL's are used for the flowering period. Many experienced growers tend to use COOL and WARM bulbs together to create an even light spectrum during the entire growth cycle. 

Go Grow Hydroponics only stocks the 250 watt version because tests have shown that any lower would not be very effective.

A CFL light hanger with 13 amp plug and CFL reflectors are available for you to create a complete CFL lighting system. 

CFL lights work perfectly as an alternative to traditional propagation lights for use with propagators.

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