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Gavita 4pc XL Full Lighting Kit - Ballast, Bulbs, Master Controller, Avengerer Reflector

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Product Description

Gavita 600w 4pc Grow Room Light Kit

Package includes;

  • Gavita EL1 Master Controller x 1
  • Gavita Digistar 600w Ballast x 4
  • Gavita 600w HPS Bulb x 4
  • Avenger Medium Light Reflector inc Spreader & Lamp Holder x 4


Gavita DigiStar 600e Ballast
The Gavita DigiStar 600e is an adjustable digital ballast with four output settings. This allows you to modify your lighting to fit your plants needs as they grow and develop.

The Digistar 600e Ballast can power either a 400w or 600w high pressure sodium (HPS) or metal halide (MH) lamp – for example you could use 400w for vegetative growth and then 600w for the flowering phase. The overdrive facilities allow you to maximise light output, taking 400w up to 440w and 600w to 660w.

More efficient than magnetic ballasts, the Digistar 600e also operates completely silent, cool and is equipped with a soft dim feature. The soft dim switch gradually adjusts the power in 60 seconds per output power step, protecting the lamp to keep everything running smoothly.

The ballast comes with both manual and external controls, used to adjust the output power. With this you can dim/boost a lamp or use different wattage lamps in different periods. The plug and play control makes it simple to use and set-up and there is also a status indicator to give a visual check point for ease.

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In addition to this, the inclusion of an RJ 14 socket means the DigiStar 600e ballast can be connected to a Gavita EL1 or EL2 Master Controller, giving various new options with controlled lighting. The biggest benefit being that you can regulate the on/off times of up to 80 of these ballasts in separate rooms from a single central point. Timing information is transmitted from the Master Controller to the ballasts themselves, so power is supplied continuously and contactors/timers become unnecessary!

Features of the Gavita DigiStar 600e Ballast:

Brilliant build quality
Compatible with 400w and 600w HPS and MH lamps
Works in conjunction with the Gavita Master Controllers
Runs cooler than standard 600w lighting systems
Complete with 3m kettle lead and 1.5m controller cable
Directions of use:

The Dimlux Extreme Ballast should be kept on a flat and firm surface in a well ventilated location. It has built in fixtures so it can be mounted to a wall, and should never be covered.

To achieve best results:

Runs a 600w HPS at 400w, 440w, 600w and 660w.
Runs a 600w MH at 600w.
Runs a 400w HPS at 400w and 440w.
Runs a 400w MH at 400w.
Gavita Master Controller EL1
The Gavita Master Controller has been developed to give you complete automated control over all Gavita E-Series lighting systems.

These little black boxes have the ability to control up to 40 lights with the EL1 and 80 lights across 2 separate rooms with the EL2. You can also say goodbye to setting up multiple timers and contactors to switch the lights on or off as the Master Controller will allow you to control all ballasts with just a few simple clicks.

The Gavita Master Controller isn’t just a timer though, it will gradually turn lights on and off over a period of 30 minutes to closely mimic the sunrise and sunset of natural sunlight, this also stops any high in-rush of current when switching the lights on, which can also help prolong the life of your lighting system.

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Two of the most important safety features of the Gavita Master Controller are the Auto Dim and Emergency Shut Down functionality. With the external temperature probe, it can monitor the grow room temperature, if its too high, your plants and final yield will suffer, but the Master Controller will automatically dim, or brighten, the lights to help maintain the desired pre-set temperature. While the Emergency Shut Down will do just that, if the grow room temperature reaches a dangerous or unacceptable level, for example if a fire breaks out, the Master Controller will shut down all the lights, along with any other connected equipment.

The Gavita Master Controller is simple to use, the display can also be customized to show output as either a percentage (%) or watts (w), temperature can be read in Celsius (C) or Fahrenheit (F) while the time can be displayed as 24 hour or AM/PM depending on preference.

Key features of the Gavita Master Controller include:

Incorporated 24 hour timer to switch lights on/off
Compatible with all Gavita E-Series lighting systems
No high current in-rush
No need for additional timers or contactors
Mimics sunrise and sunset when switching lights on/off
Power output can be adjusted in 10watt increments (50%-115%)
External temperature probe
Auto Dim that adjusts lights to reach desired grow room temperature
Emergency Shut Down when temperature reaches dangerous levels
Allows ballasts to be plugged straight into the mains
Show power output as a percentage (%) or wattage (w)
Temperature in Celsius (C) or Fahrenheit (F)
Time in 24 hours or AM/PM
Easy to set up and use
3 year warranty
There are also 2 models available:

Gavita Master Controller EL1

1 output channel
Controls up to 40 Lighting Systems
Gavita 600w HPS Bulb

Keep your Gavita Light at it's best - replace your lamp every year.

This is the one you need for a 600W, 400V Gavita Pro Light.

Replacement lamp for 600W, 400V Gavita Light
High PAR rating: 1150 μmol s-1
5,000hr lamp expectancy

Nobody does lamps like Gavita! This one maintains 96% of its light output over a year - incredible!

Don't forget, all Gavita products come with a 3 year warranty as standard!

Time To Replace?
Your GAVITA lamp loses 4% of light after a year – that’s a 4% loss in yield.

To keep your yield constantly high, replace your lamp every year.

This lamp is the one you need for a 600W 400V GAVITA Pro Light.

Clear Quartz Glass Bulb
To maximise light output further – outer bulbs are made of a clear quartz glass.

400V High Frequency
The quality of light is incredible - colour rendering is super accurate.

5,000hr Lamp Life
Lamps retain 96% of their output over a year - that's more than 4 complete grow cycles.

High PAR Output
Lamps emit a pioneering 1150 micromoles - and that's just the light that plants use for growth!

Dim Or Overdrive
Run it at  300W, 400W, 500W, 600W or 660W

Avenger Medium Reflector

The Avenger is the premium, top of the range Adjust-A-Wings Reflector. The super reflective surface is vapour coated with molten glass, titanium dioxide and is PVD / ceramic coated creating an enormous 95-97% reflectivity.
This is the most reflective and most durable reflective surface on the market and it will maintain full refection for up to 20 years.

Overall dimension at Widest Setting 70cm x 55cm (27.5″ x 21.5″)
Perfect for a 400w or 600w lamp

Double parabolic lighting reflector
Twice the power and efficiency of most other reflectors
Corrosion resistant
97% reflective
Glass coated super alloy
Supplied with a Super Spreader

Avenger Medium Super Spreader
The Defender Super Spreader is simple, yet it is an incredibly effective tool. There is a common misconception that the Super Spreader blocks light. The Super Spreader does exactly the opposite – it creates a wider more even light spread, removing hot spots and cold corners. The Super Spreader lets the user place the light closer to the plant canopy in order to maximise the use of power. The Super Spreader reduces heat at plant level by at least 5oC. Not only that, this genius tool will increase your yield with less lights and let you grow right through summer!

The Defender Super Spreader has a powder coated surface that reflects and redirects light in a selective 4-way pattern for fantastic results.
E40 Lamp Holder with IEC cable.

Suits all sizes & models of Adjust-A-Wings reflectors.


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