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Digital Ballasts

Digital Ballasts

Hydroponics plant lighting has really moved forward in the last decade with the introduction of digital ballasts. They outperform traditional magnetic ballasts in every test ever carried out.

A wide variety of digital ballasts are available in 400 watt and 600 watt models.
Brands in stock include Lightwave digital ballast, Maxibright Digilight 400 watt and 600 watt digital ballasts and of course the well know Lumatek 600 watt digital ballast and the amazing Adjusta-Watt 600 watt dimmable digital ballast.
Dimmable versions of the 400 watt and 600 watt Maxibright Digilight digital ballast are also in stock.

The differences when compared with traditional magnetic ballasts are many and include:

  • Virtually silent operation without any vibration.
  • No heat is given off (helping reduce grow room temps).
  • Internally RF shielded (Protected radio frequency signals).
  • Longer lasting than traditional ballasts.