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Easily Turn Your Flood And Drain System Into A Drip Feed System


It's easy!... Just buy a simple drip feed kit  that can be easily fitted to your flood and drain pump... and Presto!, you've now got your very own drip feed system!

Why change?, i hear you ask!... Well, sometimes you might just want to grow with a top feed drip hydroponics system.  They tend to perform better with some substrates and also plant types

The product we're talkin about is aptly named the Flood and Drain Drip Feed Kit and is avilable from us here at Go Grow Hydroponics in London for just £22. The Drip Feed Kit can feed up to 16 individual pots efficiently. It's easy to set up and easy to take out too, if you don't need it.

This kit can work with almost any Flood and Drain hydroponics grow system.

This versatile and forgiving system is ideal for herbs, lettuce, tomatoes and even flowers.


Buy the low cost drip feed kit (image above) as an extra and you can transform your flood and drain table kit into a drip feed version. Simply plumb in the fittings supplied. Your drip feed kit will give you the chance to experience another variation of hydroponics quickly, affordably and reliably... and it's only £22!

Go Grow Hydroponics also supplies a full range of hydroponics and aeroponics grow systems, nutrients, plant lighting and everything else you'll need for your indoor garden.