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Have a Coffee and Buy Hydroponics at Go Grow's Shop in London


It's been a hectic week at our new hydroponics shop because of the mad price reductions on our plant lighting kits. Now we're ready for an even busier week;

Last week the team here at Go Grow Hydroponics - London reduced prices for three top quality plant lighting kits. This week the same plant lighting kits have been reduced even further to ensure that we are the cheapest hydroponics shop in our corner of London. The kits in question and the new prices are:


For further info or to buy online, please visit www.gogrowhydroponics.co.uk, or you can just click on the product link you're interested in and be magically transported to the product web page on the Go Grow Hydroponics website.

While you're there, you'll be able to have a peek at hundreds of other hydroponics stuff, including: The well known Secret Garden Grow Tents, NFT Hydroponics Systems, advanced Aeroponics Grow Systems, Ona Gel for controlling those unwanted odours and loads of different nutrients and supplements

If you would rather buy your hydroponics in person, then pop down to our hydroponics shop in London, Edgware. We'll have a chat and a coffee with you, while you look at all the products on display.

Yes, you read it right... unlike most other shops, all our indoor gardening equipment is out on display for you to browse before you buy.

So... do you drink your coffee with milk or not?