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Hydroponics and Aeroponics In Your Kitchen: The Future Is Now!


Even though hydroponics is ancient technology (think Hanging Gardens of Babylon!), hydroponics equipment and nutrients keep improving year after year. New products are constantly being created and released into the indoor gardening market. Combine this with the rising cost of food prices and a general public seeking greener living, it's easy to see that it's driving the hydroponics gardening trend ever further. Every other person you meet seems to have some knowledge about it or they're planning to try it out. This trend has been led by a handful of small companies, until now.

Hyundai Engineering has entered the market with their very own kitchen garden appliance. It's called the Kitchen Nano Garden. This amazing product gives you a real peek into the kind of appliances that'll become a standard in most domestic kitchens.

Imagine having your very own vegetables and herbs growing right there next to your kitchen counter... mmmm!


If you fancy a small scale version of the 'Nano Garden' (shown in the image above), a good place to start would be at Go Grow Hydroponics' London Grow Shop.
Go Grow currently stocks the super cool 'Aerogarden Kitchen Counter Garden' (image below). You can grow up to 7 different plant types in one system including all types of herbs, cherry tomatoes, chilli peppers and more.


A full range of hydroponics and aeroponics grow systems are also stocked, including plant lighting kits and amazing plant nutrients are also supplied by Go Grow Hydroponics shop in London. Call 020 3609 4067 for more info or visit the website at www.gogrowhydroponics.co.uk