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Hydroponics Lighting Kits: A 600 watt Ballast with a 6 inch Cool Shade Reflector For Only £119


Yes, you read the title of this article and it really does say only £105 for one of the best hydroponics plant lighting kits around. You will not find this cheaper anywhere in or near London. This price is for a limited period only, so take full advantage now.

The 600 watts of power is supplied from a Maxibright Compact Ballast, one of the best selling ballasts in the UK. In addition to the ballast is a 6 inch Cool Shade Reflector (a.k.a. cool tube). The Cool Shade is reknowned for reducing temperatures in grow rooms , greenhouses and grow tents. It's an inline air-cooled reflector that needs an extraction fan to pull the hot air out from the reflector. A cool bit of kit!

The complete 600 watt ballast and 6 inch Cool Shade lighting kit includes:

  • 600 watt Maxibright Compact Ballast
  • 6 inch Cool Shade Reflector
  • 600 watt Sunmaster SonT Plus Dual Spectrum Bulb


We could rave on about this hydroponics lighting kit for another few paragraphs, but there's no point because the only thing you need to know, has already been said.

But we'll say it just one more time, so you don't forget; The price is ONLY £105.

For more info or to buy a few, visit us at our London Hydroponics shop or visit the Go Grow hydroponics shop online.