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Hydroponics Lighting Kits

Special Offers
Hydroponics Plant Lighting Kits at Discount Prices

Look no further for the best price on hydroponics lighting kits.
Below are three top selling complete light systems for hydroponics indoor gardening.
All three lighting kits come standard with Sunmaster SonT Plus Dual Spectrum bulbs.


Hydroponics Light Kit 1 >>  £79

  • 400 watt Maxibright Compact Ballast
  • Standard Euro Reflector
  • 400 watt Sunmaster SonT Plus Dual Spectrum Bulb

One of the best selling hydroponics lighting kits available in the UK. The 400 watt compact ballast from Maxibright has been around for many years and offers proven reliability and performance.



Hydroponics Light Kit 2 >>

  • 600 watt Maxibright Compact Ballast
  • 150mm Cool Shade Air Cooled Tube Reflector
  • 600 watt Sunmaster SonT Plus Dual Spectrum Bulb

This is an amazing price for an amazing light system. The 600 watt compact ballast by Maxibright offers all the power you need for your chosen crop, but the best part of this hydroponics lighting kit is the Cool Shade Reflector. It's an enclosed open ended 6 inch glass tube which enables a 6 inch extraction fan to be connected with ducting to pull heat straight out, directly from the reflector. This solves all those high temperature problems that many growers experience. Once you've tried an air cooled reflector like this one, you'll never look back.


Hydroponics Light Kit 3 >>  £110

  • 600 watt Maxibright Digilight DIGITAL Ballast
  • Standard Euro Reflector
  • 600 watt Sunmaster SonT Plus Dual Spectrum Bulb

This must be the cheapest 600 watt DIGITAL light kit available in the UK. Digital ballasts are definitely an improvement on traditional magnetic ballasts. In comparison, digital ballasts offer many benefits over magnetic types, including virtually no noise or vibration, no heat build-up, much lighter in weight and are also RF shielded. Together with the 600 watt Sunmaster Dual Spectrum bulb you have a top quality light source to help achieve the best crop possible.




All the complete hydroponics light kits shown above are available to buy online right here at www.gogrowhydroponics.co.uk... or you can pop in to the hydroponics shop in London at:

Unit 1 Mill Yard Industrial Estate
Columbia Avenue
London HA8 5EF

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