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Hydroponics Nutrients: Have You Heard Of Hy-Pro?


Go Grow Hydroponics welcomes Hy-Pro nutrients to the nutrient range. After 3 months of testing, the search for high quality nutrients to offer customers has seen positive results. Hy-Pro is the first NEW nutrient that will be listed for sale in our London hydroponics shop and also online.

Hy-Pro is not very well known in the UK, but is VERY well known in Holland where it's produced. There are only a few hydroponics shops in London that currently stock this top brand, but we're sure that'll soon change once the word gets around about it's fantastic performance.

On the bottle it displays a gold rosette which lists the years that Hy-Pro has won awards. We're talking 14 years of 1st place cups. It is definitely the nutrient of choice for many cup winning growers in Europe.

Hy-Pro is available as a 2 part (A + B) nutrient specifically for use with hydroponics grow systems and mediums (Hy-Pro Hydro AB). It's also available as a 1 part feed specially for soil growers (Hy-Pro Terra). 

Hy-Pro Hydro and Hy-Pro Terra is available now at Go Grow Hydroponics Grow Shop in London.

For online orders go to www.gogrowhydroponics.co.uk



Next on the list to be tested is an organic nutrient called Guanokalong. Stay tuned for further info...