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Hydroponics Versus Agricultural Crop Yields


While browsing through a well know information site, a number of amazing facts came to light. Given the difficulty in finding these sort of facts about hydroponics by most internet users, Go Grow Hydroponics has decided to reprint them here as an image.

If you look carefully at the figures you'll slowly come to realise that hydroponics is the future of food production for our planet. The world population is increasing at an alarming rate, so it will only be natural for mankind to turn to alternative hydroponic production methods to be able to feed the population.

The UK's main supermarkets already sell more hydroponically grown produce than soil grown produce. Did you know that approximately 70% of all fruit and vegetables sold in UK supermarkets are grown hydroponically? It's an extremely high percentage, which should give you an idea of how close the rest of the world is to growing almost everything hydroponically. The figures are amazing and should inspire you to try out hydroponics for yourself;



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