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IWS Flood & Drain

IWS Flood And Drain System

The IWS Flood & Drain System is considered to be one of the best available active hydroponics grow systems of its type. IWS manufactures these systems with the best quality materials to ensure that as a grower you'll have successful harvests time and time again.

The IWS Flood & Drain System feeds your plants by pumping nutrient solution from the reservoir to the 25 Litre brain pot, which in turn floods the plant pots with the nutrient solution. Then, after a preset time period, the pump in the brain pot sucks back the nutrient solution from the pots and sends it back to the main reservoir. Whenever this feed cycle is activated by the timer, the nutrient solution is pushed through your grow medium and will replenish all the stale air in the pots with fresh oxygen-rich air. This air exchange gives your roots an oxygen boost every time they feed.

Unlike traditional hydroponics grow systems, the IWS system allows you to spread apart, turn or move around each of the individual pots to better positions to utilise better light or growing space. You can even add additional pot modules to expand the system.