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2 Pot Autopot 15L System w/ Complete MILLS NUTRIENTS Starter Set

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23,603.00 Grams

Product Description

2 Pot Autopot 15L System w/ Complete ADVANCED NUTRIENTS Starter Set

see below for starter sets discounted price!

Autopot 2 Pot 15L Advanced Nutrients Complete Nutrient Kit
2 x 15L Autopot x2 15L Pot System 1 £64.00
  1L Mills Basis A & B 1 £20.00
  1L Mills C4 1 £50.00
  1L Mills PK Booster 1 £50.00
  1L Mills Start-R 1 £35.00
  1L Mills Vitalize 1 £30.00
  8oz Flying Skull z7 2 part 1 £45.00
  50L Ugro Superior Light Mix 1 £15.00
  10L  Gold Label Hydrocorn XL Clay Pebbles 1 £3.50
RRP £312.50
OUR PRICE £265.00

Autopot Gravity Fed Watering System

The 15L Autopot STANDARD System is extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of plant types and sizes. Seasonal flowering plants and perennial shrubs thrive and produce an abundance of blooms and foliage because of the unique action of the AQUAvalve, which is designed to allow the plant to go through a wet & dry cycle.

The systems are easily extended so many pots can be linked to a single tank. Please see examples of typical layouts using 6mm pipe or 16mm pipe. The pots & trays can be easily moved at will, if the plants grow too large they can be spaced further apart with ease. Once set up and a tank is filled with water & liquid feed this extremely versatile system will completely take care of all your plants needs.

The AutoPot FlexiTank STANDARD revolutionises water storage, it is everything you need in one compact box. It requires no tools for assembly, reduces storage and shipping costs and takes minutes to assemble. It really couldn’t be simpler. Unlike other waterbutts and barrels, the AutoPot Flexi Tank can be stored away when not used, can fit where other tanks cannot go and is adaptable in ways standard tanks are not.

  • Fits where other tanks cannot go
  • Easy to ship and store

>> 2 Pot System includes:

  • 1x 47ltr tank, lid & 6mm top hat grommet
  • 1x 6mm golf filter
  • 1x 6mm tee
  • 2x 1Pot trays & lids
  • 2x 15ltr pot
  • 1x 6mm inline tap
  • 2x AQUAvalve
  • 1x 2 metres of 6mm pipe
  • 2x marix disc
  • 2x root control disc


MILLS BASIS A 3-0-1 & BASIS B 0-4-3
This is a highly concentrated Bio-Mineral base nutrient designed to bring and maintain optimal nutrition, not only in the vegetative state, but also in the blooming stages of plants. This works for any kind of plant, so it’s a good, handy nutrient that every grower should have. Basis has been designed to enable the plant to absorb everything it needs within a wide pH range.

The basic two-part nutrients are mainly used as hydroponic nutrients but can be used for all growing styles, be it soil, coco or hydro. And it’s a breeze to use. Also, it doesn’t require any specific conditions, since it has been designed to be compatible with all growing mediums and watering methods.

Mills BASIS is to be used through the entire growth cycle in order to give your plant the boost it needs: nutrient absorption is improvedphotosynthesis is stimulatedenhances cell division and celstrekwater and nutrients transportation is optimizedimproves yieldgives vitality to the plantrestricts pesticide useprovides essential trace elementsstimulates the plant’s immune system
There you have it: a strong and healthy plant throughout the growth cycle. Mills Advanced Nutrients Basis A&B can help your plants reach their maximum potential without, of course, sacrificing flavour or aroma making it one of the most sought after hydroponic supplies in today’s hydroponics market.
C4 1-8-5
This product consists of a sophisticated blend of both macro and micro nutrients, bio-stimulants, carbohydrates and trace minerals that focus on guaranteeing the grower heavier yields while also enhancing the quality of the plants. Due to the potent Bio-Stimulants in C4, the plant produces massive amounts of essential oils and sugars.

Whether you’re growing flowers or are focusing on agriculture or fruits, this advanced nutrients blend will help your production grow –fast and qualitatively.

Here are just some of the wonders that the C4 blend could do for your plants: quicker and more abundant fruit setpromote plant growthyour plants will develop denser, harder and heavier flower and fruit setenhances your plant’s vitalitystimulates oil and sugar production
Try the C4 hydroponic nutrients mix and your bloom will EXPLODE! You’ve never seen anything like it.

How to use?
This advanced nutrients product can be used from the second week of the bloom stage to the sixth week. Regarding quantities, using 4 to 8 ml for each gallon should be sufficient.

This is also a simple yet effective product to use if you’re a grower – no need to pay attention to the growing medium or watering methods. This blend is designed to fit your growing style whether you are a hydroponics grower or you are using any other method
This powerful heavy weight bloom booster is designed to be used in the last two to four weeks of the flowering stage. The superior composition of ULTIMATE PK has been established through research and repeated field testing so that our experts would make sure that this will provide your plants with the boost they need for a grand finale – this formula will give your plants all the nutrients they require during ripening in order to achieve more abundant fruit set and hard cell structure. The magic performed by ULTIMATE PK stretches far beyond mere appearance, by also providing the best flavour and aroma.

This product will help your plants achieve: larger and harder fruits and flowersthe best possible aroma and flavourHow to use?
This is aimed for use in the last 2-4 weeks of the blooming stage. In case you have been using C4, you should discontinue its use when switching to Ultimate PK.

Don’t miss it!
As its name suggests, this is, indeed, the ultimate bloom booster available on the market. Moreover, it is extremely versatile, as it is compatible with all growing mediums and watering methods.

Take it, test it and watch your growing business get a boost that exceeds your expectations
Mills Vitalize
it’s the most abundant element in the earth’s crust and of vital importance to all life on the planet. Everyone needs silicon. Both man, animal and plants grow stronger from it and are better equipped to fight diseases and bacteria. Despite these facts, the element is not used much in the horti- and agriculture. The main reason is because silicon is very hard to extract. Or so it was, until recently. Mills Silicon sprung to life when a professor developed a revolutionary, unique and patented method to liberate silicic acid from the silicon element. Granting Mills to the sole right to use his invention, this makes Mills Silicon the only nutrient that provides your crop with everything it needs. The benefits for growers – big or small, professional or hobbyist – are almost too numerous to count.

*A natural insurance
*A unique, concentrated and stabilised form of silicic acid – a bio available form of silicon
*Easy to use as a Foliar fertiliser
*Is not poisonous and leaves no residue on the product
*Improves the crop’s immune system
*Improves the crop’s resilience against insects
*Alleviates the amount of abiotic stress, such as water- and salinity stress.
*Acts as a bio-stimulant in the plant production system
*Improves the germinative capacity in both saline and dry environments.
*Improves the root structure in both size and weight.
*Reduces perspiration and optimises water management.
*Improves the absorption of nutrients and its utilisation in the the plant production system
*Immobilises heavy toxic metals
*Improves the yield and the quality of the product
*Reduces water loss in fruit and vegetables after harvesting.
*Improves the tenability of fruit and vegetables
*Suitable for mixing with other fertilisers or other protective means.
*Suitable for all kinds of crop

A unique, concentrated and stabilised form of silicic acid – a bio available form of silicon it contains more than a thousand times more water dissolvable bio available silicon

Z7 (part 1&2) by Flying Skull

THE Premium Enzyme for Healthy, Clean Plant Roots and also Completely Safe for Fish Aquariums, Koi Ponds and Hydroponic Equipment

Z7 is unique to the horticultural market today. It is the biggest technological breakthrough in the last 50 years for growers and their plant root zone.

Z7 (part 1&2) is a super concentrated, two-part, exclusive probiotic enzymatic cleanser. Z7is not a plant food; it simply allows plant foods to work better because the nutrients can get into the roots easier. Z7 increases the chances that the plant will grow to its hereditary potential because it is constantly cleansing the root system. Z7 is to be used at every watering or feeding; Field growers should apply Z7 at first planting and whenever possible thereafter. Whether you’re growing in soil, hydroponics or aquaponics, bio-film and micro-sized particulates in the root zone are the biggest problem facing growers today. When the semi-permeable membrane gets clogged it won’t transfer water, minerals and oxygen easily. If the plants don’t get the nutrients they need they will show a nutrient deficiency. The grower adds more food to compensate. This not only causes problems by over feeding the root zone but also upsets the osmotic transfer of water into the roots. The reduction of oxygen to the roots from bio-film formation is the major cause of root rot.

237ml 2 part set treats 1780 litres
946ml 2 part settreats 7162 litres
Z7 is affordable at just 2p per litre!

Have you noticed these nutrient deficiencies?

  • Leaves Discolouring
  • Powdery Mildew
  • Leaf Curl
  • Tip Burn
  • Slow Growth
  • pH Fluctuations
  • White Material Build-Up
  • Leaf Drop
  • Purple Stems
  • Browing Roots
  • Slimy Roots
  • Slimy Tanks

... and more! These are all indicators of microscopic particles, insoluble minerals and organic matter which clogs the roots, tubes, sprayers and growing medium. These conditions are toxic to the plant and restrict osmosis causing the plant to be weak

Using z7 for the first time in Soil, Hydroponics, Aquaponics?

Mix Z7 with water and flush the plants growing media very well until the EC/PPM in the last of the runoff from the pot matches your water supply EC/PPM reading. Waiting two hours before feeding your plants will allow them to fully hydrate. Then, continuously use z7 in feeding and or watering programs.
Deep Water Culture, Flood & Drain, Bubble, NFT:

Apply every 3-4 days to nutrient recirculation tank and at every nutrient tank change. Add to water or nutrients after pH adjustments.
Feed to Waste for Soil or Hydroponics:

Add at every nutrient tank change or top off. Add to water or nutrients after pH adjustments.
Indoor Soil:

Use when watering whenever possible.
Outdoor Soil:

Use when waterring whenever possible. Water in to the maximum depth of roots.
Commercial Aquaponics:

Add every 3-4 days to water recirculation tanks and at every nutrient tank change. Z7 will benefit fish, plants, filters and equipment by keeping roots and equipment clean and free from inanimate organic slime. It reduces NH4 to NO3 for better fish and aquatic life health. Some clouding of water may occur as z7 cleans equipment and balances the eco system.
Residential Ponds:

Add once or twice a month to water. Starting dossage of 1/4ml per gallon (3.785L) or 250ml per 1000 gallons. Dosage may increase to 1/2ml per gallon (3.785L) as needed. z7 will benefit fish, plants, filters and equipment by keeping roots and equipment clean and free from inanimate organic slime. It reduces NH4 to NO3 for better fish and aquatic life health. Some clouding of water may occur as z7 cleans equipment and balances the eco system.

Shake the bottles thoroughly. Each part has it's own dosage.

After pottng up the plants simply add z7 to the first hand feed of water/nutrient solution at a ratio of 1.5ml of parts 1 & 2 per 10 litres.

Then, continuously use z7 in feeding and/or watering programs.

Z7 is super concentrated and economical for indoor and commercial growers; a 236.59ml set treats 473 gallons of nutrient or 1790.5 litres.

Z7 is naturally steeped with 100% of the ingredients being certified organic, natural or food grade. Z7’s innovative formula contains no oils, detergents, soaps, surfactants, neither chlorine, nor hydrogen peroxide, colloidal silver or any harsh chemicals.

System Cleanser:

Z7 eliminates inanimate slime, inanimate slimy conditions, plant waste, organic waste, odours and mineral build up from hydroponic roots, piping, sprayers, tubes and tanks while the plants are growing. Z7 will reduce many hours of cleansing between harvests and in most cases eliminate taking the hydroponic or irrigation systems apart. This will reduce down time, reduce labour costs and help minimize the replacement of fogging machines, tubes, pipes, sprayers, drippers and pumps. The growing system must be kept free of inanimate slimy conditions and mineral build up otherwise it will not be able to obtain the highest degree of genetic growth possible from the plants. The reduction of plant death due to clogged drippers, tubes and sprayers will pay for using Z7. All the other benefits of Z7 is free and money in the pocket. Z7 is not a sanitiser, steriliser or cleaner designed to kill bacteria.

PH Stabiliser:

Z7 helps to stabilize the pH swings of plant nutrient caused by the interaction between plant nutrients, plant waste, bacterial waste, soluble/insoluble minerals and problematic chemical additives added to local water supplies by government agencies.


Z7 is compatible with any hydroponic plant food (organic or chemical) or Mycorrhizae supplement. Z7 is compatible with chlorine, vinyl, plastic, glass, rubber, PVC, ABS and their glues.

Z7, the ultimate cleanser:

Z7 is a fantastic water conditioner. It makes the worst water much better for plant growth. So much so that Z7 will be the product of the decade for many growers! They are also seeing a 25% increase in their fertilisers effectiveness.

Originally, Flying Skull formulated Z7 to save the hydro industry from disaster. Too many growers were experiencing failures or below average plant growth from bad water and organic build up on roots, pipes, tubes, tanks and sprayers. Hydroponic systems that were advertised as better than soil were failing in greenhouses and homes around the world. Z7 met the challenge and exceeded in every expectation. Z7 keeps plants growing in hydro from experiencing low oxygen and nutrient intake because of inanimate slime blocking key root cells from performing their tasks. It also keeps equipment and irrigation equipment in like new condition, reducing labour and plant death from clogs and failures.

Insects and Pests

95 out of every 100 plants that have Spider Mites and other Pests have a root zone problem! Z7 will cure root zone problems so that the insecticide will have a better chance to work. Within a few days the plants will get much stronger and less dependent on insecticides. Z7 is not an insecticide; it’s Mother Nature on steroids.

User Tips for plants with insect problems:

Flush the root zone with Z7 treated water. For every gallon of soil the pot will hold, flush with three times that amount of Z7 treated water. Let the flushed water drain to waste.
Do not allow plant to soak up water or nutrients from drip trays.
Outdoor growers apply Z7 at first planting, whenever possible and first sign of bugs. Mix in Z7 at every watering or feeding to help keep plants from attracting insects and powdery mildew.
Z7 replaces many products

Z7 replaces H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide), Chlorine, Chloramines, Colloidal Silver, enzymes and other products designed to clean, sterilize or oxygenate the soil, growing medium or nutrient solution.

Deficiency Symptoms and Unexplainable Problems

Growers with plants that have deficiency symptoms like yellow leaf, leaf spot, leaf drop, leaf curl, tip burn, purple stem, Interveinal chlorosis, Interveinal necrosis, leaf and fruit deformation, low sugar Brix readings and low oil content in the finished product, also have root zone problems that need to be solved now! Deficiency problems will not go away unless you deal with your root zone first! Treat your root zone with respect and your other problems will simply go away! That’s a promise. Flush the root zone with one gallon of Z7 treated water for every gallon of soil the pot will hold. Let the flushed water drain to waste. Do not allow plants to soak up water or nutrients from drip trays. Outdoor growers should apply Z7 at first sign of bugs. Keep using Z7.

Probiotic for Plants

Simply stated, a healthy plant can defend itself against insects and powdery mildew. Unhealthy plants can’t defend themselves. Sure you might get a spider mite or two but a healthy plant will not get an infestation. Spider mites and the like are there to take out the sick plants so they won’t go to seed and interfere with future plant genetics. Use Z7 to make your plants healthy and your other problems will go away!

Tip: The best time to test Z7 side by side with other products is when the plants have just been transplanted from seedling or clone. This is the time when the plant is evaluating how big to make its vascular system. The better the initial osmotic transfer during seeding and young plant growth the bigger the plants vascular system will be. A few weeks will tell the tale and make believers of the most sceptical grower. Use Z7 with all watering possible.

Overall: This has to be in our opinion the best organic enzyme on the market to date, as it does exactly what it says it does. Used Z7 in soil and saw the benefits almost straight away. Double thumbs up!

Gold Label Hydrocorn Pebbles

An ideal match for high water capacity, lower watering frequency and better rooting. We utilize the 8-16mm Hydrocorn from Gold Label and the purest Gold Label Coco to give to give you the perfect ebb and flood growing media which also works well in any pot based systems. The 60/40 mix allows you to feed less frequently than in straight Hydrocorn and gives a buffer on the watering times.
Coco Pure Superior Mix 50L

U-Gro Coco Pure SUPERIOR is a premium quality organic coco mix. It's washed in salt free water and it's free of peat/soil pathogens, odours, stones, roots and other impurities.

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