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ORCA - The BEST Reflective Grow Room Sheeting EVER!



Orca Grow Film... and No, We are not talking about whales!

Orca has designed and manufactured the most reflective sheeting in the hydroponics market!
It's super tough and super-reflective, which makes it the perfect choice for your grow area. Orca Grow Film is totally unique in every way. Check out the graph below!

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It offers a host of really useful features which completely obliterates competing reflective growroom sheeting;

  1. It is absolutely 100% Light Tight -  No light can possibly escape Orca Grow Films.
  2. 94% Reflectivity - Orca Sheeting actually reflects 94% of plant usable light, all within the visible full spectrum of light. This means that light reflected will maintain the original light source colour spectrum and wavelength.
  3. 99% Diffusion - Orca reflects light evenly (It doesn't matter at which angle the light hits the surface.) Even if a few creases remain and it is not attached completely flat, light WILL reflect completely evenly.
  4. No Hotspots - Because light is reflected so evenly, you'll find that growroom hotspots will be kept to a minimum.
  5. Up to 50% More Lumens - Traditional grow room sheeting simply cannot compete. Orca sheeting reflects so much more plant usable light. It's almost like hanging an extra grow light.
  6. Ultra Tough - It's been designed to block out all UV light and contains no degradable gas producing plastic that will harm your environment. You can use your Orca grow sheeting time and time again because it's made to be waterproof, tear resistant and will not degrade in quality.
  7. Algae, Fungi and Mould Resistant - Orca has been specially designed and treated to have resistance to algae, fungi and mould spores.

How Does Orca Work?

To create the material; threads of a specialised high density super reflective plastic are pressed and bonded together. This creates a microfibre material with a unique surface. The white plastic microfibre material scatters or spreads light within the extremely reflective crystalline structures created within it. This is very similar to ice crystals in snowflakes which work in exactly the same way. Orca contains engineered materials similar to the reflective technology normally found in flat panel TVs, PDAs, and plasma lighting. This type of diffusion is highly important for hydroponics growers since it creates the even distribution of lumens that plants need whilst eliminating hot spots in the grow area.



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