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The Benefits of Growing Hydroponic Plants


Hydroponics is gardening without soil. With hydroponic gardening systems, plants are placed in growing mediums such as rockwool or clay pebbles, and nutrients are provided directly to the roots.

People are often surprised that plants can survive without soil but the truth is, they thrive more without it. In soil, the plant expends a great deal of energy growing roots in search of water and nutrients to survive. With a hydroponic system, the nutrients and water are applied directly to the root so the plant can concentrate its energy on where it matters. Hydroponically grown plants can grow up to 50% faster than they do in soil, yielding an earlier harvest.

Gardening with hydroponics offers many other benefits:

  • the roots do not need to spread out in search of nutrients and water, so hydroponic plants require less space to grow. The same yield can be achieved in a 1/5 of the space required for soil making it ideal for limited space home gardeners and it's more productive use of greenhouse space.
  • hydroponic systems can be completely automated with timers and remote monitoring equipment meaning you can be away from your plants for longer without needing to water them!
  • there is complete control over the nutrient balance saving on cost
  • pH and nutrient levels are simple to measure and maintain so plants are healthier and more vigorous
  • there is no weeding; soil pests and diseases are minimized if not completely eliminated
  • Water stays in the system and can be reused, thus reducing water waste and costs
  • After initial set up costs of the hydroponic system, it is cheaper to grow plants than using soil and most importantly of all, you can grow all year round.

So with all of these benefits, it is no surprise that more and more people are using hydroponics than ever before.


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