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Up To 40% Extra Yields with Buddhas Tree PK 9-18 Flowering Booster



Buddhas Tree PK 9-18 could be the the ultimate PK booster you've been looking for!

    • Nitrogen - 0
    • Phosphorous - 9
    • Potassium - 18
    • Sulphur - 30


At first glance you'll notice the claim made on the label: 'Up To 40% Extra Yields'. This is indeed a VERY bold claim and hard to believe.

Due to this claim Go Grow Hydroponics decided to stock it and give out a few test samples to experienced customers. The response by all customers that tested it was entirely positive, with one customer reporting back a huge 30% increase in yields, even though his plants had a slight heat stress during the end of the flowering period. This particular customer was sure he could achieve even more than 30% extra after he gets to know the product better by continual use.

The main point that stood out with all test reports, was the massive increase in plant oil production, a better, more intense aroma and stickiness of flowers, signifying a higher quality end product. Even increased plant nutrient uptake and better overall health was reported by testers.

After further research a few more facts came to light. Buddhas Tree actually breaks down root enzymes which leads to healthy root development, therefore a healthier plant!
Another positive attribute is the fact; Buddhas Tree is compatible with all hydroponics grow systems and all grow mediums including rockwool, clay pebbles, coco coir and soil.
It will work effectively when used alongside any well known brand of NPK base nutrients.

This could well be one of the best PK Boosters available in the world! 


A word from the creators of Buddhas Tree...

The designers of Buddhas Tree 9-18 are so very confident of the high quality performance of their product, they decided to issue a challenge to any other nutrient producers that manufacture PK boosters;  To get their PK booster tested by the appropriate EU regulating body and compete on product performance against them. The challenge is even open to nutrient companies at the more expensive top-end of the market.


Try out Buddhas Tree 9-18 Flowering Booster yourself at Go Grow Hydroponics - London... We don't think you'll be disappointed!