Environment, Fans & Filters

This category covers the equipment that manage the air around your plants – everything from extraction kits, fans, ducting, carbon filters, silencers, fan controllers, humidifiers, thermometers and heaters.

Successful plant performance needs careful management with good fan and ventilation systems. Air needs to be kept at the right temperature and humidity – C02 can be enhanced, odour can be controlled. We stock a full range of fans and filters, extraction kits and climate controllers and measuring instruments.

İf you choose an extraction kit we have already done all the matching connectors and smaller parts for you. İf you are at the advanced stage of setting up a closed loop system we can provide the expertise to set up properly air-conditioned sealed rooms. Though we don’t sell it as standard we can even source supplies for super specialists who want CO2 levels boosted.

For more advice about what ventilation system you may need call our expert team: 020 3609 4067

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