Grow Lights

This category covers some of the most vital products for your plants – their light source. This is where you find things like propagation lights, ballasts, reflectors, lamp adaptors, replacement bulbs, contactors and controllers and eyewear.

Below are some more detailed explanations of the products in this category. Lights can be bought singly, as multiples or as kits.
What do I need to buy?
At the very least you need:
• A growing lamp: to emit plant light, also called a grow bulb.
• A ballast: to regulate how much power goes to your grow lamp.
• A reflector: to direct light emitted by your growing lamps down to your plants.

How do cheap grow lights compare to advanced ones?
Cheap grow lights can still be effective. You can get a good indoor grow light without having to spend a fortune, quality grow lights for can cost less than £100. Professional growers for whom each % of yield is crucial should choose from the more expensive range of lights.
What do reflectors and ballasts do?
There are different reflector models and the better the reflector, the more light it will reflect back down onto the garden and the more evenly it will light the canopy. There’s a choice of cheaper magnetic ballasts or more efficient (and cooler) digital ballasts which usually boast a dimmer and boost facility.
How often should I buy grow lights for plants?
All bulbs degrade and every 1% of light lost costs you 1% of your yield. Most people should buy replacement lamps or new grow lights for plants every 6 -12 months.
We sell all these products individually and in kits too – some grow tent kits also contain lights. These will be tailored to the size of the tent and are a great starting place for simple indoor grows.

As ever for advice on lights get in touch with our expert team by calling 020 3609 4067.

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