Grow Media

This category covers the vital material that your plants grow in – from propagation through to harvest there are many choices of medium that will best suit your indoor growing space.

In many hydroponic (water based) systems such as NFT the growing media is minimal, maybe only a small cube, with the bulk of the roots in the nutrient rich growing solution. Other systems like Flood and Drain, with pots have more substantial growing media.

We stock a great range of all these media and grow substrates. We also have superb propagation mediums for clones, seeds and cuttings. Whether you prefer to grow in soil/organics, coco coir, clay pebbles, rockwool including slabs for vertical growing systems or aqua trays, perlite or use NFT spreader matting, we’ve got everything.

So whether you are going for hydroponic growing, soil growing and coco growing we have lots of choice and types of growing media. Each has its benefits and drawbacks. Experiment and find what suits you best when growing your prized plants.

Whichever medium you choose we encourage you to use organic products to feed and care for your blooms. Remember what they eat you ingest too.

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