Grow Tents & Sheeting

This category covers the equipment that makes your physical growing space. We have a great range of full grow tent kits.

With the cost of consumable produce becoming ever more expensive, setting up a grow room and growing your own can save you a significant amount of money.

Whether you want a hydroponic or a hand watering system, we have kits for beginners and pros. Our staff are experts in hydroponics and happy to help beginners get the most from their first crop and give master growers new tips and tricks on getting the biggest yields.

It’s the cheapest easiest way of setting up your first hydroponic grow. We’d recommend it for your first grow and sell a great range of Trojan and Secret Jardin tents. İt’s much easier to control your environment with a grow tent. There are other options: some growers use a greenhouse, or convert an entire room or cupboard. Grow tents make life easier – they create a small growing space that’s easy to control. Grow tents are smaller than rooms so cost less to light, cool, heat, humidify and add CO2. Grow tents act as a barrier to pests and natural light and odours are easier to manage. Another attractive feature is the financial incentive – it costs less to buy a tent than it does to build a grow room.

As ever for advice on tents and sheeting get in touch with our expert team by calling 020 3609 4067.

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