Nutrients & Boosters

This large category covers some of the most vital products we sell – this is where you find things like health and root boosters, veg and bloom boosters, flushes and enzymes.
We have the best brands of plant nutrients, additives and boosters, including staples like Canna or specialist like Guanodiff. There’s a nutrient or booster at Go Grow Hydroponics for every pocket. Whether you like to keep things simple with mono nutrients like RAW or nurture every step of the way with a multi-part component brand such as Advanced Nutrients we have it all. We also stock Mills, Remo, General Hydroponics and organic products from Fox Farm, General Organics, Buddha’s Tree, Biobizz and Guanakalong – the list could go on and on. Whether you’re growing hydroponically, organically or in coco, we have products to suit all plant systems and levels of experience.
Looking for advice about how our nutrients can help your garden? Call our friendly team at Go Grow for expert advice on: 020 3609 4067

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