Back to our favourite farming method – organic farming methods use components derived from natural sources like kelp and bat dung rather than the salts and chemicals used in mineral fertilisers.
These natural products are usually fermented before bottling in order to help process the complex compounds into forms easy for the plant to access. Many of our customers report aroma and flavours that are impossible using other methods, so organics really let your plant develop to its full potential.

The benefits of organic nutrients are multiple – root zone microorganisms flourish, there is less chance of toxic salt build up, your crop is free from heavy metal contaminants and it’s very hard to overfeed and burn your plants.

Most organic growers use soil as their grow media but all substrates generally come sterilised and organic nutrients add the vital beneficial organisms to your root zone. Ranges like Bio Bizz and Eco Thrive can be used alongside each other with great results.

For those with a true hydroponic set up some companies produce bioponic products that use naturally derived nutrients. Recently an encouraging number of major manufacturers, including Mills, have created mineral fertilisers that have been enhanced with organics so you get the best of both worlds.

If you want more advice about organics get in touch with our expert team by calling 020 3609 4067.

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