Plant Health & Pest Control

This category covers the products that you need to boost your plant’s health and those special products you need when problems raise their ugly heads.

Even the most diligent hydroponic indoor gardeners suffer insect and plant health problems – knowing how to deal with them is the key to ensuring a successful harvest.

Go Grow Hydroponics stocks some amazing products to target all the threats to your valuable crops and some other special preventative treatments to boost health and immunity to disease.

Simple measures like a silicon additive in your feeding regime will strengthen plant cells making them more resistant to attacks. Neem oil is a fantastic deterrent to most garden pests, including spider mites. If you still get an infestation despite using silicon & neem oil then treatment with a powerful product such as pyrethrum 5EC will almost always do the trick!

We strongly recommend checking all your plants thoroughly all over every 5 days (at least). Early detection is key – even bud rot can be stopped if caught early enough. Left too long even the most abundant garden can be decimated.

Don’t be disheartened even the luckiest and best of indoor gardeners is probably going to have to contend with any number of insect or plant health issues at some point. Call us and we can advise on everything from eliminating spider mites to fighting off root rot and help make sure your blooms come to fruition.

İf you know the problem we’re sure we can find a cure – phone us on: 020 3609 4067

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