This category covers the products that you need to start seeds on their way or to maximise your profits by exploiting the growing potential of a wonderful mother plant.

All young plants, whether from seed or cutting, have special needs compared with full grown plants, their environment, their food and even their illnesses are quite different.

The skill of nourishing young plants is key to your ongoing growing success. For raising great clones and strong plants you want to create an environment that encourages rapid root growth and strong early vegetation.

Young plants have different environmental and feeding requirements to full grown plants – so to achieve high success rates, rapid rooting times and strong early growth you will need specifically designed feeds, boosters and lighting.

Here at Go Grow Hydroponics we offer a wide range of high quality propagators, tents, media and lights to suit every size of grow room and all accompanying products to help you successfully cultivate your delicate plants.

İf you need any advice or guidance with propagation we’re here to help – call us on: 020 3609 4067

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