Soil amendments and organic fertilisers

Soil amendments are used to condition or improve the soil. Most, but not all, soil amendments add some nutrients to the soil.
Organic fertilisers and organic soil amendments come from natural sources like plants, animals, and rocks and are natural soil amendments that adds plant nutrients to the soil, most often nitrogen, phosphorous, or potassium.

Some of the most popular are as follows:
■ Bat Guano – Bat guano (faeces) is harvested from caves and powdered.
• Benefit: Adds nitrogen and phosphorus; stimulates soil microbes.
• Average NPK analysis: 10-3-1 processed for nitrogen; 3-10-1 processed for phosphorus
■ Fish Meal – Ground and heat dried fish waste.
• Benefit: Adds nitrogen, can also be a source of phosphorus and potassium.
• Average NPK analysis: Ranges from about 4-2-2 to 9-7-0.
■ Kelp Meal – Dried, ground seaweed, an ocean product, also called seaweed meal.
• Benefit: Adds potassium and also calcium, sodium, sulfur, and organic matter.
• Average NPK analysis: 1.0-0.5-2.5
■ Worm Castings – The manure of earthworms; it is dark, crumbly, and odorless.
• Benefit: A source of organic matter and small amounts of many nutrients.
• Average NPK analysis: 0.5-0.5-0.3

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